Asia Care Network – South East Asia

The Martin James Foundation is working to establish the Asia Care Network as a platform to promote best practice in understanding and promotion of alternative care solutions across South East Asia.

The Asian focused organisation will provide a regional stage for knowledge sharing and workshops; aimed and led by on the ground active organisations in South East Asia. The Martin James Foundation is seeking to facilitate discussion and best practice development within the region. Allowing organisations to discuss similarities and challenges in the alternative care process from a child-centred perspective across all stages is the aim. The main goal is for a pan-Asian consensus on best practice to be established.

Having received significant funding from the Nippon Foundation Japan, the Martin James Foundation is seeking to establish the Asia Care Network as a regional beacon of organisational support and development for alternative and family-based care. Providing a platform and tools for organisations and representatives from 11 countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea & Japan) the Asia Care Network is the first Asia focused network of its kind.

As part of phase one of the development of the Asia Care Network, comprehensive studies of the care system in each country were conducted to highlight the need for developing alternative care systems across South-East Asia.

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