For Our Children – Bulgaria

Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, and the de-institutionalization agendas in Europe were a priority for the European commission. The orphanages in Bulgaria became a focus for international media and national policy the development of a national policy in 2009 to de-institutionalise children was forged, consideration of practice and service delivery was not developed.

For Our Children Foundation (FOC) was the first NGO in Bulgaria to start foster care on a small scale with support of multiple European charities it was struggling against the lack of political understanding and due process. The Martin James Foundation using resources within Key Assets was able to form a formal partnership between the Core Assets Group and FOC in 2010 that allowed for formal development in training and development and delivery of resources and training for the FOC staff. The Martin James Foundation through Core Assets Group was also able to financially support FOC whilst it continued to push for the necessary legislative change for large scale adoption to be successful.

As part of the partnership Core Assets Group was able to send several lorry loads of children’s clothing and toys to the children who were due to be deinstitutionalized to ensure that their remaining time in large scale institutions was as comfortable as possible and it helped FOC in recruiting and training foster cares.

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