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Due to the ongoing conflict and destabilisation of the country, millions have fled Syria to find safety from the violence in neighbouring countries such as Jordan. Over 2.3 million people have left Syria. Over half of these refugees are children.

Through our partnership with Arabian Medical Relief (AMR) the Martin James Foundation has helped to set up and establish the Hope Centre within the Za’tari refugee camp in Jordan, the first primary care centre aiming to bring together both physical and mental health care to provide a complete solution. It is a comprehensive rehabilitation centre for children. Its activities include providing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, audiology therapy, speech therapy and psychological support.

The Hope Centre, funded by the Martin James Foundation in partnership with other organisation such as Human Relief Foundation, aims to care for the vulnerable children of the Za’tari camp through the provision of long-term physical and mental health solutions. Aiming to care for not only the needs of vulnerable children but also their families the centres has a dedicated team of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Audiologists, Speech and Physical therapists to provide immediate and long-term care facilities.

With many of these children having been displaced due to conflict, providing psychological care is as important as caring for immediate physical problems to ensure that children are able to move forward from this difficult start in life.

Arabian Medical Relief, one of the only Jordanian organisations operating in multiple camps across Jordan, has been working in partnership with the Martin James Foundation to offer this ground-breaking unified care centre without the need for children to travel to nearby Amman and allowing the treatments to involve their parents and immediate family members in a bid to help promote a family-based care solution.

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