Jim Cockburn

Jim qualified as a social worker in the 1970s and went on to establish numerous, successful businesses over the past 25 years ranging from social care to restaurants and artificial intelligence. Between them, these companies have employed thousands of individuals in the UK and across the world. “I felt the time was right to build on the skills and expertise we had already developed with Key Assets, FosterTalk and other capacity building projects, to support and enable more communities around the world to promote and deliver family-based care for the most vulnerable and displaced children.”

    Jim Cockburn

    Ayyab Cockburn

    Ayyab is a champion of change and has dedicated her career to project management and change roles. She leads the Martin James Group change agenda and is passionate about creating a progressive working environment. Ayyab believes in the power of connection and strives for all the businesses within the Martin James Group to work together to disrupt markets and deliver effective change. “The Martin James Foundation is particularly close to my heart because our wider experience in the children services sector means we can create effective partnerships and utilise our resources and skills to create a safer, happier world for some of the most vulnerable children around the world.”

      Ayyab Cockburn


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