Harum Family Center Indonesia

Harum Family Center is an Indonesian non-governmental organisation that works in the Malang and Ponorogo region. Founded in 2005, they have supported many families with parenting skills and access to education. In 2020 the statutory foster care implementing regulations were completed and Harum is one of the organisations mandated by the Government to pilot foster care in the region.

Harum is supporting families that already care for children in informal arrangements to complete the statutory process of becoming approved foster carers. Harum actively raises awareness of foster care and the positive impact of family-based care with the local social service offices and within the community. It is Harum’s aim to harmonise a service through existing religious methods of care and child protection systems in the best interests of children; foster carers will be trained, assessed and approved to provide a family-based alternative to institutional care. The Martin James Foundation has supported the project planning stage and will continue to provide technical support in all aspects of foster care including recruitment, assessment and supervision. MJF has also provided funding for the foster care coordination team.

Harum is also an active member of the Asuh Siaga alliance.

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Key Facts – Indonesia

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