Together, we improve children’s lives around the world.

Who we are

Martin James Foundation is a global charity group with more than 30 years of experience of providing children’s care services through Key Assets and FosterTalk, so collectively we’re uniquely placed to support children who have been displaced through family breakdown or forced migration.

What we do

Our established and experienced teams – here in the UK and across the world – help community-based projects build capacity where funding, guidance, training and resources are needed to promote and embed family and community-based care.

Impact and Stories

With our evidence-based toolkits and practice-based approach we’re at the forefront of a growing global movement to eliminate institutional care of children. By 2022 we will have supported the development of projects that promote and support family and community-based solutions across all continents, plus much more.


We believe that every child has the right to grow up and thrive in a safe, secure and loving home and our vision is a world in which children do not live in institutions.

Our Recent Projects

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