Family Based Futures

Together, we’re improving
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to help keep children
with their families

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Our vision is to support family-based futures

We are a global network of organisations working in alternative care for children

We believe children should grow up in safe and loving families, not in orphanages

Through our work, we seek to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities

We are not alone in our beliefs

Decades of global research show the lifelong harm that institutions, including orphanages, cause to children.

Despite this, an estimated 8 million children around the world live in institutions.

This can be avoided!

Orphanages can result in long-lasting harm to children

Orphanages are an expensive alternative care option.

There are better quality and more economical options that support a child’s development.

80% of the children in orphanages have a living parent or family member who could care for them.

Children belong in families, not orphanages

What we do

We are part of a global movement to provide family-based care alternatives and end the era of orphanages, so that children have a chance to grow up and thrive in safe and loving homes.


Through our affiliate partners, we deliver family-strengthening, foster care and support services.
We have experience of working with vulnerable children and families, including people with disabilities.


We partner with organisations worldwide through practice reflection, resource sharing, learning experiences, and practical guidance to support them to develop contextually-appropriate models of family-based care that work for their countries.


We draw from our expertise, experience, and network to identify and promote issues that can influence change for children and families. We collaborate with local organisations around the world and support them to engage with government, institutions and policy-makers to work towards family-based futures in their countries.

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Whether its funding research to help change children’s services policies, delivering training for new foster carers so they’re equipped with the necessary skills to make a foster placement successful, or supporting families with basic needs like housing and healthcare so children can remain with their families and not end up in orphanages;

your donation goes towards delivering, empowering or influencing change.


If you’re looking for a cause to support that helps unite your employees behind something meaningful, then find out how we can build a partnership that works for you. As part of a global community, we’ll share best practice ideas, keep you up-to-date on our activities, and provide support to help engage your employees in initiatives.

help build, support, and unite.


We collaborate with other charities that share our vision and values, as well as organisations, policy makers and influencers who want to create fearless futures for children around the world.

get in touch to find out more.

Who we are

The Foundation comprises of a global network of affiliated organisations delivering charitable services for children, families and communities. This includes independent, not-for-profit, fostering agencies in Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand (Key Assets).

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Also, advice, practical guidance and independent support for both foster carers and fostering services in the UK (FosterTalk).

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We also use technical and financial resources generated throughout the Foundation to support partner organisations around the world to support children and families in those countries and contribute to the global efforts in deinstitutionalising care practices.

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In the UK, we provide support to young people with care-experience and those who have been marginalised to start their own businesses. Our EPIC initiative provides mentoring and funding support to enable young entrepreneurs to transform an idea into a business.

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Last year…

Between our partners, affiliates and charitable organisations we have continued delivering more positive outcomes for children and the wider fostering community globally


Foster carers supported in the UK by FosterTalk


Fostering placements for children and young people, supporting over 870 carer households and assisted over 840 families with non-fostering services, devlivered globally by Key Assets


MJF partnered with 11 organisations, delivering global projects around the world by offering a mix of technical support and funding to advance care reform and deinstitutionalisation in local communities.

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