HOPE Centre Jordan

The HOPE Center delivers both physical and psychological services for children who have suffered trauma from forced migration. The services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, psycho-social support and speech rehabilitation. The centre is based in Zaa’tari Refugee Camp in Jordan, which hosts around 80,000 Syrians who have been forced to flee the war in Syria. More than half of these refugees are children.

The Martin James Foundation worked with Arabian Medical Relief (AMR) to establish the HOPE Center.

Since 2017 the Centre has been able to provide over 13,000 therapeutic sessions to children and their families, many of the young people we have seen have been discharged with successful outcomes.

MJF is currently working with AMR to explore ways to secure the HOPE Center’s future through the development of more community-based services. We are also accessing our global platform to explore future funding streams for HOPE to ensure those that are in the most need continue to receive the crucial services they require.

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Case Study

When Aliye* was 18 months old, her mother noticed developmental delays and brought her to the Hope Centre in Zaa’tari Refugee Camp, where she received occupational and physical therapy for five months.

The Hope Centre is a rehabilitation centre for displaced and vulnerable children based within the Zaa’tari Refugee Camp, Jordan.

Aliye’s therapists used a range of approaches, including play therapy, to help Aliye begin reaching milestones. Her mother attended the sessions and was surprised to see her daughter’s progress in a short time.

“As Aliye’s mother, I was suspicious that she would get better. . .But later on, she completely changed. . .I can’t believe that she became like this thanks to God then to the therapists and the Centre. I am so thankful for the efforts and the kindness of the therapists because I see the love of them in my daughter’s eyes every time we came to the sessions.”

The Hope Centre’s trauma-informed and holistic therapeutic approach strengthens families and allows children to grow up in safe and loving homes.

*Name changed to protect the identity