One Sky Foundation Thailand

The One Sky Foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation in Thailand established in 2013 working to meet the needs of vulnerable children, provide family support and advocate for care reform along the Thai-Myanmar border district of Sangkhlaburi.

This region is a rural border area with high migration and high rates of trafficking and exploitative employment. A large number of private unregistered children’s homes have become established over the last 30 years and it is estimated that there are over thirty homes looking after 600 children. OneSky has become an influential group, both in the region and nationally. Alongside their case management and psycho-social support, they also advocate for care reform.

They approach children’s needs holistically, seeking sustainable, family-based solutions that are guided by children’s best interests and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). They strive to support children and their families in a way that helps them to stay together, enabling children to be protected inside a stable, loving family unit and within a strong, empowered community.

The Martin James Foundation has partnered with One Sky through learning exchanges and practice reflections for their kinship care programme. MJF has also provided funding for a social care practitioner who leads the kinship care pilot project.

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Key Facts – Thailand

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