Asia Care Network Event

Asia Care Network Event

The Martin James Foundation, in partnership with the Nippon Foundation, hosted its first Asia Care Network Event in Jakarta on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th October 2018 to discuss issues within the child care system in Indonesia.

The Asia Care Network is a platform for sharing best practice and as such facilitated a space for developing shared objectives that are Asia focused and reflect the cultural values and best practice suited to Indonesia.

The world café style event, was held at the Fraser Residence and had been organised to bring together practitioners from across the child care sector to address the emerging challenges and issues relating to deinstitutionalisation and alternative child care.

The event featured guest speakers from across the world who discuss the challenges they face in developing alternative care provision within their home countries and was also attended by a range of professionals from the care system across Indonesia including government agencies, child care and community workers, social workers and policy makers.

Jim Cockburn, Founder and Chair of the Martin James Foundation, said of the creation of the Asia Care Network: “Having worked across the region, it became clear that we needed an opportunity to give those making a practical difference a voice; a platform to discuss and exchange ideas, understanding and best practice. We are pleased to be working with organisations such as the Nippon Foundation, Muhammadiyah and many others to launch the Asia Care Network.”

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